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Putting the Pieces Together

Contact Us at 470-236-2009 for a Free Quote

2N2 Investigative Services, LLC is a professional, private investigation agency that specializes in gathering information. We provide affordable and confidential fact-finding services and assistance throughout Florida and Georgia.

We take pride in seeking out, collecting, developing and delivering evidential information. Our cultivated skills and knowledge allow us to effectively provide services to attorneys, businesses, organizations (private, public, governmental, non-governmental), other professionals, and individuals.

We offer a number of screening and information verification services, as well as locator services. 

We are dedicated to professionalism and meeting the needs of all clients.

To arrange for services, contact us by email at [email protected]  or by phone at 470-236-2009.

Agency/Company License Numbers: Florida - A1300246; Georgia - PDC002740