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2N2 Investigative Services, LLC offers cost-effective investigative services to attorneys, businesses, organizations (private, public, governmental, non-governmental), other professionals, and individuals.

Our services include: 


Confidentiality focused. Via investigations, we uncover critical facts and establish fact patterns. Our professional investigators, researchers, and experts support clients to strengthen their cases. We support the following legal case types: Criminal Defense (wrongful accusations and charge mitigation); custody, family law, and matrimonial (divorce) cases; contracts and transaction matters; estate planning and probate proceedings; fraud, insurance claims, and tort actions (personal injury); employment discrimination and wrongful determination; and victim support. We help attorneys identify and verify witnesses; gather and preserve evidence; obtain legal testimony; and locate and interview witnesses.


For businesses and organizations, we conduct internal investigations into allegations or suspicions of theft, abuse, and corrupt or fraudulent conduct by employees and students. We also investigate excessive force by staff/faculty, school residency verifications, and follow-up on employee arrests outside their employment that may affect their employment.


Research is performed using a variety of public record resources, including:

  • Motor vehicle, watercraft and aircraft ownership
  • Federal and state criminal proceedings
  • Federal and state civil litigation
  • Bankruptcy proceedings
  • Lien and judgment filings
  • Uniform Commercial Code (UCC) filings
  • Reviews of media sources and Internet web sites


Our private investigators help our individual clients protect their assets and reputation by evaluating the character and fitness of potential personal relationships, business partners, employees, and others. In addition, we help our clients and their counsel to uncover and analyze information in the context of criminal defense cases. Our team provides results-oriented investigative operations using the most advanced research databases available and, if necessary, utilizing prudent, on-the-ground investigation and surveillance techniques.


We provide manned and unmanned covert operations specifically designed for our client’s needs.


We investigate allegations of workplace misconduct; hostile work environments; employee and managerial abusive conduct; bias; violation of workplace rules, expectations, and ethical codes; discrimination in hiring, job assignments, and promotions; sexual and other forms of harassment; bullying; retaliation for lodging complaints (whistle-blower retaliation) or for resisting unlawful conduct; and wrongful discipline.


Due process of law means that if someone intends to file a lawsuit against an individual, they must ensure the individual is properly notified through delivery of certain notifications, summons, and other documents pertaining to relevant court matters. We ensure proper service of these documents throughout the state of Georgia and provide clients with timely notification of service.


Contact tracing is a fundamental public health tool for containing infectious diseases. It is the process of finding and reaching out to the contacts of someone who tests positive for an infectious disease/pathogen. Those contacts are then quarantined or monitored, and if any of them are also positive, the process is repeated with their contacts until the chain of transmission is terminated. 2N2 investigators have the cultural competency, resourcefulness, interviewing and counseling skills, medical and public health knowledge and the understanding of patient confidentiality and privacy to effectively collect sensitive protected health information.


  • People Locator
  • Witness Locator
  • Defendant Locator
  • Skip Tracing

  • Child Support Enforcement
  • Missing Persons
  • Ex-Employee Locator


2N2 offers several investigative services. We can locate and evaluate court records, as well as records from local, state, and federal governmental agencies. We canvass neighborhoods and business districts/locations to identify and locate subjects and witnesses, and to also locate and obtain copies of surveillance camera recordings in the area.


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