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Process Service

Metropolitan Atlanta Service Area

To request service, please email documents along with the name and address of the person or entity to be served to [email protected]

Service of process includes three (3) ATTEMPTS per address and NOTARIZED AFFIDAVIT OF SERVICE/PROOF OF SERVICE.  

Services offered to attorneys, law firms, legal services companies, process serving companies, governmental agencies, private investigation agencies, finance companies, and individuals.

We have Georgia Court appointments in the following courts:  Clayton County Superior, State, and Magistrate; Cobb County Superior, State, and Magistrate; DeKalb County Superior, State, and Magistrate; Douglas County Superior and State; Fulton County Superior, State, and Magistrate; Gwinnett County State and Magistrate; Henry County Superior and State; Paulding County Superior.

Routine Service

Within 3-5 Days (guarantees an attempt within 3-5 days)

Rush Service

Within 48 Hours (guarantees an attempt within 2 days)

Priority Service

Within 24 Hours (guarantees an attempt within 1 day)

Same Day Service

Immediate, within 12 hours (Must receive documents by 12:00PM business/corporation service and 4:00PM for residence service)

Diligence Package

Includes five attempts, skip trace when bad address encountered, due diligence locate, and due diligence affidavit

Additional Service

Includes additional documents (i.e. Citations, Precepts, Notices, Writs, TROs) with service to same address, same person, at same time

Notary Service

Affidavits, business, and personal documents.  Mobile service available.

Skip Tracing Service

For those individuals who seemingly have fallen "off of the grid" or are hard to find.

Document Retrieval Service

Retrieval of requested records and documents filed with governmental agencies and business organizations.

Court Filing Service

Limited to Metro-Atlanta Courts

Stake-Out Service

Special service to assist with serving the evasive individuals. Four-hour minimum

Sit/Wait Service

One-hour Minimum